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RECAP-FS® Enhancing the Quality of Patient Care

In 2003 the Drug Formulary Software team at the Juravinski Cancer Centre created the Regional Cancer Program Formulary Software Program (RECAP-FS®) to automate the process of editing, updating, exporting, archiving and printing chemotherapy regimen information. Please click here to view the flash demo.

RECAP-FS® is used by designated staff to:

  • Create regimens for chemotherapy or combined modality treatments.
  • Produce a preformatted formulary for publication with the click of a button.
  • Automatically generate preformatted regimen or clinical trial summaries.
  • Generate dynamic reports containing a few or all of the variables in the database.

RECAP-FS Database Update       Database Date:  June 24th, 2010

Our treatment protocols are regularly updated.  Authorized RECAP-FS® users may use our easy online database download to ensure that the software has the latest cancer treatment information. 

Easy three step process: 

1) Save zip file to your computer

2) Unzip the file and save it to C:\Program Files\CuestaSystems\RECAP-FS

3) Click on the "Yes" button when you are asked if you want to copy over the current

Please click on the link below to download the most recent version of the Regional Cancer Program Formulary database.  
Click RECAP-FS Database (zip file) to download.

The database will be updated regularly.

* Note:  RECAP-FS database download is only available to authorized users of RECAP-FS.



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