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Treatment Management of Sarcoma

Sarcomas present unique challenges in provision of optimal cancer care.

  • Management is usually both complex and multidisciplinary by virtue of the anatomy, natural history of the disease, and the vast number of tumour types that can originate in the mesenchymal (ie: middle tissues) tissue. These include tumours origionating in fat, bone, fibrous tissue, blood vessel structures, cartilage, nerves and muscle.
  • The diversity of sarcoma tumour subtypes requires that treatment be highly individualized.
  • The rarity of sarcomas limits the understanding of Sarcoma management and the availability of appropriate sarcoma expertise in imaging, Pathology, Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncology, in the general
  • Medical community. This necessitates patient treatment by a focused group of sarcoma experts at a single centre such as the Juravinski Cancer Centre.
  • Ultimately, complete surgical removal of the tumour with a margin of normal tissue is the most important treatment
  • Additional therapy pre or post operatively for most high grade tumours is often necessary.

A general Care Path for Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma was developed by the team and available for review.

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